21 june 2016

LOMMETA Company has realized the first object in the city with the application of a modern polymer material ETFE.

Our specialists designed, produced and assembled the external space shell of the roofing made of ETFE foil, which thanks to its properties helps create a comfortable microclimate inside the café, so necessary for pleasant pastime. ThismaterialletsthroughUVlightquitewell, i.e. being inside the café, visitors can sun bathe getting vitamin D in fine weather.

Besides, ETFE foil has low adhesion – neither dust, nor dirt stay on its surface, which helps maintain the aesthetic appearanceof the structure without additional expenses!


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01 august 2016

LOMMETA CG took part in the official visit to Thailand together with the Russian delegation.

The Delegation of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the International Union of Ecologists, Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Industry and Tradeof Russia and the business circleswere in the Kingdom of Thailand with an official invitation of the Thai-Russian Chamber of Commerce

29 july 2016

The Primorskiy Oceanarium in the construction of which LOMMETA Company took part, won the Grand Prix of the festival “Architecture of the Far East”.

On May 25th-28th 2016 in Khabarovsk there was a festival “Architecture of the Far East”. The Grand Prix of the festival in the Nomination “Architecture of public buildings and complexes” of the section CONSTRUCTIONS was given to the “Scientific and educational complex “PrimorskiyOceanarium” in Vladivostok, Russkiy Island”.