Plotter for cutting PVC

A cutting ribbon machine (plotter) with a system of vacuum support by means of numerical program control easily and efficiently manages the allocation of patterns, thus minimizing the amount of throw-outs.


A 2600 х 3000 mm table for pattern cutting and diverse cutting blades allow the most complicated and even radius patterns to be carried out.

PVC welding machine

High-tech machine for welding all types of PVC grids and membranes allows 20 to 50 mm seams of various complicated configuration to be carried out. The availability of the numerical program control (NMC)automatizes the process and minimizes the amount of mistakes and inaccuracy.


The availability of a 16 meter welding table considerably increases the efficiency of the line by decreasing the number of material relocations.

ETFE welding machine

The only machine for welding ETFE membranes in Russia and the CIS countries made by special order gives us a unique possibility to realize unusual and interesting projects that we could earlier only dream of.


The machine is controlled by the NMC, which guarantees the constancy of quality result.

Serge Ferrari silicone welding machine

A unique machine allows us to vulcanize silicone membranes. The processes take place at very high temperatures (over 400 degrees Celsius) providing a welding seam of strength higher than the basic material. The machine can weld PTFE fabric as well.


A set of benders allows us to fabricate curvilinear forms of steel profiles of any section being up to 325 mm in diameter!